化學生物學研究領域 2023

Chen, Yun-Ru Ruby

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  • Tien-Wei Lin, Jung-Kai Chang, Yih-Ru Wu, Tsung-Hsien Sun, Yang-Yu Cheng, Chien-Tai Ren, Mei-Hung Pan, Jin-Lin Wu, Kuo-Hsuan Chang, Hwai-I Yang, Chiung-Mei Chen*, Chung-Yi Wu*, and Yun-Ru Chen*, 2023, “Ganglioside-focused Glycan Array Reveals Abnormal Anti-GD1b Auto-antibody in Plasma of Preclinical Huntington’s Disease”, MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY, 60(7), 3873-3882. (SCIE)

Cheng, Wei-Chieh

  • Lin Hung-Yi, Chang Shih-Ying, Teng Hsuan-Hsuan, Wu Hsi-Ju, Li Huang-Yi, Cheng Chia-Chun, Chuang Chih-Kuang, Lin Hsiang-Yu, Lin Shuan-Pei, Cheng Wei-Chieh, 2023, “Discovery of small-molecule protein stabilizers toward exogenous alpha-l-iduronidase to reduce the accumulated heparan sulfate in mucopolysaccharidosis type I cells”, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 247, 115005. (SCIE)
  • Li Huang-Yi, Lee Ni-Chung, Chiu Yu-Ting, Chang Yu-Wen, Lin Chu-Chung, Chou Cheng-Li, Chien Yin-Hsiu, Hwu Wuh-Liang, Cheng Wei-Chieh, 2023, “Harnessing polyhydroxylated pyrrolidines as a stabilizer of acid alpha-glucosidase (GAA) to enhance the efficacy of enzyme replacement therapy in Pompe disease”, BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 78, 117129. (SCIE)

Hung, Shang-Cheng

  • Nguan HS, Tsai ST, Liew CY, Reddy NS, Hung SC, Ni CK*, 2023, “The collision-induced dissociation mechanism of sodiated Hex-HexNAc disaccharides.”, Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, 25(33), 22179-22194. (SCIE)

Li, Tsung-Lin

  • S. H. Liu, H. T. Huang, I. W. Lo, Y. C. Lin, G. Y. Liao, C. H. Chao, H. C. Huang, F. R. Chang, T. L. Li, Y. C. Shen, C. C. Liao*, 2023, “Potential natural product 3,4-seco-schitriterpenoids from Kadsura japonica L. as anti-neuroinflammatory agents”, BIOORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 141, 106843. (SCIE)
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  • Y. L. Wang, C. Y. Chang, N. S. Hsu, I. W. Lo, K. H. Lin, C. L. Chen, C. F. Chang, Z. C. Wang, Y. Ogasawara, T. Dairi, C. Maruyama, Y. Hamano*, T. L. Li*, 2023, “N-Formimidoylation/-iminoacetylation modification in aminoglycosides requires FAD-dependent and ligand-protein NOS bridge dual chemistry”, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 14:2528 (, 1-14. (SCIE)
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Ma, Che Alex

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Wong, Chi-Huey

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