物理與資訊基因體學研究領域 2019

Chang, Tien-Hsien

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Chiu, Kuo Ping

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Chuang, Trees-Juen

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Yang, An-Suei

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  • Jhih-Wei Jian, Hong-Sen Chen, Yi-Kai Chiu, Hung-Pin Peng, Chao-Ping Tung, Ing-Chien Chen, Chung-Ming Yu, Yueh-Liang Tsou, Wei-Ying Kuo, Hung-Ju Hsu, An-Suei Yang*, 2019, “Effective binding to protein antigens by antibodies from antibody libraries designed with enhanced protein recognition propensities”, MABS, 11(2): 373-387. (SCIE)