Protein X-ray Diffractometer

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The X-ray diffraction system includes the MicroMax007HF microfocus rotating anode generator with 70x70 micron anode focal spot, the Confocal VariMax optics and two of the R-axis IV++image plate detectors. The MicroMax007HF provides four times the flux as a standard rotating anode generator, for samples of less than 300 microns, allowing to work with weakly diffracting samples or to use shorter exposures during standard data collections. The Confocal VariMax optical system provides an intense monochromatic beam that may be adjusted for flux or resolution to optimize the experimental conditions. The R-axis IV++ provides good sensitivity, wide dynamic range, large aperture and fast readout to give data of high quality. The X-stream 2000 low temperature system provides a continuous supply of nitrogen without needing a house source of liquid nitrogen. Each component of this system is fully integrated to maximize its performance for protein crystallography.

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