設施主持人:張七鳳 博士
實驗室 (tel) 02-2787-1206


NMR Facility is located on the first floor of Genomics Research Center. The facility maintains two 600MHz Bruker NMR spectrometers. The AV600_R spectrometer is a two-channel system equipped with a 5mm DCI Dual cryoprobe (high sensitivity 1H/13C observation includes cooled preamplifiers for 1H/13C/2H with Z-gradient). A SampleXpress, which hold up to 60 samples, has been installed for medium-throughput automation in NMR routine applications. AV600_R is also connected to a LC system which consists of an Agilent Quaternary Chromatography System and Bruker LC-NMR accessory including on-flow, stop-flow, column switch, extended loop sampling, and solid phase extraction options. A CryoFit accessory with 30ul flow cell is available for LC-NMR application. The AV600_L spectrometer is a three-channel system equipped with a 5mm TCI cryoprobe (1H/13C/15N triple resonance probe head with cooled preamplifiers for 1H/13C/2H with Z-gradient) which could be used for biomolecular NMR application. A SampleXpress Lite , which hold up to 16 samples, has been installed on AV600_L. A regular 5mm BBO-Z probe which is tunable over the frequency range between 31P and 15N (with Z-gradient and automated tuning/matching) is also available in the facility.

AV600 L     AV600 R