Cheng, Ting-Jen 鄭婷仁

ChengTJ6x7 2研究技師

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  • B.Eng, Chemical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, 1993
  • Ph.D., Life Sciences, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, 1999
  • Post-doctoral Research Associate, Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Science, USA, 2000-2005
  • Assistant Research scientist, Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica, 2005-2008
  • Associate Research scientist, Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica, 2008-2012
  • Senior research scientist, Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica, 2012-present


Development of biological assays for functional evaluation of therapeutically significant targets or molecules.


My main responsibilities towards GRC mission is to develop bioassay platforms for high-throughput screening, to conduct activity evaluations for lead identification/optimization, and to support the needs in assay development for researchers with main focuses on:

I. High-Throughput Screening

  • Design and develop high-throughput compatible target- and cell-based assays
  • Conduct high-throughput screening and hit confirmation
  • Support further studies for lead identification/optimization

II. Assay Development

  • Develop assays and evaluate inhibitor potencies for cell-wall synthesis enzymes to support efforts in discovery of small molecules against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and Gram-negative bacteria
  • Support the needs for reagent preparation and for animal studies in vaccine as well as therapeutics evaluation for infectious diseases and cancer
  • Evaluate the biological activities of fractions and small molecules derived from Chinese medicinal herbs to support the identification of active molecules for drug discovery


  • 利用分生及生化技術發展藥物標的之生化活性偵測系統, 如酵素反應
  • 設計藥物標的之活體內活性偵測系統來決定化合物在活體內之活性,
  • 應用分析系統進行高速藥物篩選選擇具活性之化合物,
  • 評估及測試小分子及天然化合物的生物活性, 以及
  • 評估疫苗的效果等。


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