PBP1b Research Rippled

PBP1bKey Structure of Membrane Protein PBP1b Research Finding Published on PNAS back in May by GRC researchers had since drew attention and reported further by the elite journals including A-IBMN (Asia-Pacific International Molecular Biology Network), SciBX(Science-Business eXchange) and Scientific American Taiwanese edition.

Related links are as follow:
Targeting tough bugs (A-IBMN)

Penicillin-binding protein 1b (PBP1b) (SciBX)

從膜蛋白結構開發新型抗生素 (Scientific American Taiwanese edition, Issue 90, August 2009)

從膜蛋白結構開發新型抗生素 (科學人第90期 2009年8月號)


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