Four Days of Fun - Academia Sinica’s First Online Open House.

Speech2018 Chang 

The Force Awakens:Reviving the Near Death Via Experimental Evolution
Dr. Tien‐Hsien Chang
Age 12 and above

Speech2018 Lin

The New World‐Changing Cryo‐ Electron Microscopes
Dr. Su‐Chang Lin
Age 15 and above

Speech2018 Hu

Silent killer of Digestive Diseases – Pancreatic Cancer
Dr. Chun‐Mei Hu
Age 15 and above

speech2017 Wang

Making the Right Tools for Tough Jobs –How to Build a Scientific Instrument
Dr. Yi‐Sheng Wang
Age 12 and above

speech2013 yang

Scientific Fortune Telling: Predicting Risk of Liver Cancer for Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B
Dr. Hwai‐I Yang
Age 12 and above

speech2013 lin

What is Plasma Cell, the Antibody Factory in Our Body?
Dr. Kuo‐I Lin
Age 12 and above


What NMR Can Help? ‐Discover the Secret of Molecules‐
Dr. Chi‐Fon Chang
Age 12 and above

YouTube Wong

Repurposing Existing Medicines as Anti‐COVID‐19 Virus Agents – Interviewing Academician Chi‐Huey Wong
Academician Chi‐Huey Wong
Age 12 and above

YouTube Chen

Elucidating the Role of TDP‐43 in Alzheimer’s Disease
Dr. Yun‐Ru (Ruby) Chen

Seminars & Events



  • Anti-Siglec-3 mAb as immune checkpoint inhibitor to combat Hepatitis B infection +

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  • Monoglycosylated spike vaccine is highly effective against COVID-19 variants +

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  • One Amino Acid Change Twice Immune Effect in CLEC18A to H5N1 +

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  • Simplified Procedure to Prepare Remdesivir for SARS-CoV-2 and Nipah Virus +

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  • Pancreatic Cancer Cell Escaping Blueprint Brings Hope to Ease Metastasis +

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