2017 GRC Outstanding Performance Awards and Scientific Conference


The awardees list of 2017 GRC Outstanding Performance Awards:


Postdoctoral - Research category

Name PI
Chun-Yi Wu Chi-Huey Wong
Chen-Cheng Lee Li-Jung Juan
Chun-Kai Huang Wen-Hwa Lee
Shih-Chia Huang Wen-Hwa Lee
Yu-Chan Chang Michael Hsiao
Chung-Shu Yeh Tien-Hsien Chang
Ming-Yi Ho Chi-Ming Liang


Assistant - Research category

Name PI
Chung-Chien Hou Wei-Chieh Cheng


Student - Research category

Name PI
Tsung-Wei Su Su-Chang Lin
Tai-Lin Chen Chia-Ning Shen


Postdoctoral - Service category

Name PI
Yueh-Hsiang Yu Kuo-I Lin


Assistant - Service category

Name PI
Ming-Lun Kang Li-Jung Juan
Yi-Ping Huang Chi-Fon Chang
Chia-Wen Tsai Wei-Chieh Cheng
Jui-Wen Lu Ting-Jen Cheng
Shang-Fu Chen Joyce Jean Lu
Li-Wen Su Wen-Hwa Lee/Chun-Mei Hu
Lin-Chih Chen Wendy W. Hwang-Verslues
Yu-Ling Lin Hwai-I Yang
Yu-Wen Tseng Michael Hsiao
Chein-Hung Chen Jung-Lee Lin
Liang-Chun Wu Ying Chih Chang
Yi-Jun Zheng Ying Chih Chang


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