• N-Formimidoylation/-iminoacetylation modification in aminoglycosides requires FAD-dependent and ligand-protein NOS bridge dual chemistry

    We report a non-canonical FAD-dependent enzyme Orf1 that adds a glycine-derived N-formimidoyl group to glycinothricin to form BD-12. Orf1 has two substrate-binding sites unlike canonical FAD-dependent oxidoreductases. Read More
  • 2023 Genomic Epidemiology Workshop

    The “2023 Genomic Epidemiology Workshop” will be held on July 31th to August 4th, 2023. Topics include Genome-wide association study, next-generation sequencing, epigenetics, viral long read sequencing, AI in genomic analysis, and industry applications. Read More
  • Structure of the heterotrimeric membrane protein complex FtsB-FtsL-FtsQ of the bacterial divisome

    Membrane protein FtsB-FtsL-FtsQ (FtsBLQ) complex are essential component of divisome, which play important roles in the divisome assembling and the division-mediated peptidoglycan synthesis regulation, yet with the unclear mechanism. In the latest publication in Nature Communications... Read More
  • Inducing PODXL overexpression breaks a new milestone in the efficiency of interspecies chimerism in 8-cell embryos

    Scientists have long been interested in exploring the unlimited self-renewal abilities of stem cells, which can differentiate into all the cells in our bodies. Recently, a research team led by Dr. Jean Lu made an interesting discovery. Read More
  • Structural basis for a conserved neutralization epitope on the receptor-binding domain of SARS-CoV-2

    The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be fading away from our daily life, but the threat of a recurring circulation of new variants still haunts. While the vaccines continue being developed for a preventive purpose, the neutralizing antibodies stand in the last line of defense as a therapeutic tool. In the latest publication on "Nature Communications"... Read More
  • The circles Part II: investigating causal relationship between genetic variants and circular RNA expression in autism

    By integrating RNA-sequencing with genotype data from autistic brains, we assessed expression quantitative trait loci of circRNAs (circQTLs) that cis-regulate expression of nearby circRNAs and trans-regulate expression of distant genes (trans-eGenes) simultaneously. Read More
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  • Congratulations to Hao-Wen Yang for winning the FISS 2023 Best Poster Award
    Read More
  • Congratulations to Dr. Wen-Juei Jeng for winning the Best Oral of APASL 2023
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  • Congratulations to Dr. Chih-Jen Huang for winning the Best Post of APASL 2023
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  • Prof. Li-Jung Juan selected for 2022 Outstanding Scholar Award of Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship
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