Professor Chi-Huey Wong

Distinguished Research Fellow, Genomics Research Center
Academia Sinica
128 Academia Road, Section 2, Nankang, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel:+886-2-2789-9929 Fax: +886-2-2789-9927

Chemistry in Glycoscience

Research in the Wong lab encompasses a broad spectrum of bioorganic and synthetic chemistry, aiming to understand carbohydrates in biology and develop new therapeutic strategies and devices. Development of novel molecular structures to investigate how they interact with cells and learn more about the mechanism and function of those molecules and disease progression. Programmable one-pot reactions are being developed for the synthesis of complex oligosaccharides and glycoarrays and complement new chemo-enzymatic strategies for the synthesis of glycoproteins, vaccines and other biologically active molecules to tackle major problems in biology and medicine, especially those associated with cancer and infectious diseases.

One Page CV

Current group members:

  • Chang, Yu Hsuan (張雨萱)
  • Chen, Cheng Wei (陳政維)
  • Chen, Nai Yu (陳乃瑜)
  • Chen, Shan-He (陳山禾)
  • Chen, Wan Yu (陳婉瑜)
  • Cheng, Cheng-Wei (鄭成偉)
  • Hsu, Li (許立)
  • Huang , Ling Chu (黃鈴銖)
  • Jiang, Cai-Rong (蔣采容)
  • Kung, Chih-Chuan (龔治銓)
  • Liao, Hsin-Yu (廖心瑜)
  • Lin, Chi-Ying (林季瑩)
  • Lin, Tzu Wen (林子文)
  • Luo, YiWei (羅翊偉)
  • Tseng, Yen Yu (曾彥瑜)
  • Wang, Shih Chi (王世吉)
  • Wang, Szu-Wen (王仕文)
  • Wang, Yu Jen (王妤甄)
  • Wu, Chung Yi (吳俊毅)
  • Wu, Wei-Shen (吳韋伸)