設施主持人: 林國儀 博士
實驗室 (tel) 2789-8069
案件申請:中心網頁「內部系統」-「場地/儀器預約」-「GRC Affymetrix GeneChip System Service」。如有問題,歡迎洽詢設備管理員:何子寧,聯絡電話:2789-8069。
目前提供的晶片實驗種類有:GeneChip Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array、 GeneChip Mouse Expression 430 2.0 Array、GeneChip Human Transcriptone Array 2.0 Array、Clariom D Array, Human、Clariom D Array, Mouse。
The microarray facility provides two types of platforms for gene analysis: gene expression and whole-genome single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping analysis. For gene expression analysis, our platform provides target preparation, hybridization, wash/stain and image scanning for Affymetrix GeneChip. Researchers can use this microarray technology to examine differences of gene expressions in various model organisms including human, mouse, rat and etc. For a whole-genome genotyping analysis, we utilize the Affymetrix oligonucleotide array to screen SNP at genome-wide manner. It could provide the information about the common and rare SNPs, copy number variants, and other genetic variations that can contribute to diseases. The application of genotyping technique includes association study, linkage study, population genetics, chromosomal abnormality, and cancer genomics.
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