Medical Biology Division


This Division has focused on translational medicine, molecular regulation and biomakers of cancer and normal stem cells,and immunobiology. The ultimate goal is todevelope new diagnostics and therapeuticswith small molecules, biologics, and cellbasedapproaches. Many of the projectsdescribed below involve integrated efforts ofGRC investigators within and across differentDivisions. Through such concerted researchendeavors, we hope to achieve the long termgoal to elucidate the molecular mechanismsof genes associated with cancer and infection,develop targeted therapeutics, and conductEIH (enter into human) enabling studies so asto bridge the gap between laboratory researchand clinical medicine.

Translational Medicine
The main focus is on cancer immunotherapyand vaccine development. Key translationalresearch projects include: (1) clinical trial ofGD2-targeted immunotherapy of high riskneuroblastoma, (2) preclinical and clinicaldevelopment of globo H based vaccine for thetreatment of breast cancer, and (3) preclinicaldevelopment of NKT-stimulatory glycolipids asanti-cancer agents and adjuvant for consensusinfluenza vaccine and carbohydrate basedcancer vaccines, (4) preclinical studies ofcancer-targeting peptides for diagnosticimaging and treatment of cancer, and (5)experimental models of human diseases inzebrafish and mice.

Molecular regulation and biomarkersof cancer and normal stem cells
The major efforts are devoted to (1) investigatethe molecular biology of cancer, (2) microRNAsignature in neuroblastoma, (3) molecular andgenomic epidemiology of virus associatedmalignancies, (4) identify new biomarkers forembryonic and adult stem cells, cancer, andcancer stem cells, and (5) investigate thecontrol mechanism of cell fate determination viaanalysis of genetic regulators and epigeneticprofiling affecting adult and embryonic stemcells.

(1) study the role of a transcriptional repressor,Blimp-1 and galectin in the developmentof B cells and dendritic cells, (2) role ofdendritic cells and hepatic stellate cells ininnate immunity and immune tolerance, and(3) develop a 2nd generation anti-IgE drug,targeting CεmX.


Division Director :
Dr. Kuo-I Lin

Members(ordered by English last names)

Dr. Tse Wen Chang

Dr. Michael Hsiao
Dr. Shie-Liang Hsieh
Dr. Chun-Mei Hu
Dr. Wendy Hwang-Verslues
Dr. Wen-Hwa Lee
Dr. Joyce Jean Lu

Dr. Chia-Ning Shen
Dr. Hwai-I Yang

Research Specialist:
Dr. Yin-Chu Chien