Ultra High Throughput Drug Screening Facility

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Facility PI: Dr. Wu, Ying-Ta
Dr. Mao, Shi-Shan
Dr. Cheng, Ting-Jen
Lab tel :+886-2-2789-8808

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The Ultra High Throughput Drug Screening Facility(website link) in GRC is the first of its kind in Asia. The system is built to: establish a versatile drug compound library, develop assays for high throughput screening, create a database to store and provide drug candidate related information.

Currently, there are over one million kinds of compounds stored in the compound library, include natural herbs, approved drugs purchased from pharmaceutical companies, and GRC laboratory synthesized chemical compounds. There are roughly four thousand Chinese herbal medicine and extracts collected. Researchers continually develop and create new elements and add to the library.

thumb IMG 0334The system utilizes a mechanical arm that moves in a high speed to perform the preparation of tests. By using 1536 holes templates, one time testing of a plate construes experiments on 1536 compounds. Thus, merely 650 plates can complete a test on one million compounds. This is a method unachievable by any human fashion. Should there be any new epidemic disaster emerge, the system can be used to do quick screening for possible solutions in a timely manner.

In addition, the machine is designed to use the least amount of chemicals that’s required for any test. For a mere 0.005 cc, it’s enough to conduct a test. Therefore, it is a much economical way to perform the experiment in a non-stop consistent fashion with error free quality which human operations are just hard to compete.