GRC Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory

Facility manager: Dr. Jia-Tsrong Jan
Lab tel :+886-2-2789-8805

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The Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) Laboratory in GRC provides supportive practices for institutional researches against naturally occurring infectious pathogens of high-risk to humans that require special containment devices, appropriate personal protective equipment, and rigorous regulations. The BSL-3 laboratory is of dual functions with a class II-B2 Biosafety Cabinet for in vitro cell-based experiments (a), and a Class III Biosafety Isolator (b) and an IVC system for in vivo

An operating team has been organized with laboratory personnel receiving specific training in handling pathogenic and potentially lethal agents, and supervised by laboratory PI competent in manipulating infectious materials and associated procedures. The major functional works include:
(1) collection and small scale propagation of the pathogens,
(2) conduction of various cell-based microbiological and immunological assays, and
(3) conduction of antimicrobial drug screening and vaccine/adjuvant efficacy evaluation in appropriate small animal models.

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