Biotechnology Incubation Center

bic01The Biotechnology Incubation Center (BIC) utilizes its scientific strength, international connections and resources to help start-up companies advance the commercialization of the discoveries made at Academia Sinica (AS).

We actively encourage domestic and international companies to license AS technologies and join BIC to develop new drugs and tools. By providing technical counsel, business development expertise and managerial support, we work towards the realization of products based on AS proprietary technologies, as well as the accelerated growth of portfolio companies that will become the future stars of the biotech industry. Through these endeavors, we aim to improve infrastructure and technology toward a prosperous bio-pharmaceutical industry in Taiwan, and resulting in new job opportunities and superior economic outcomes.

Straightforward Strategy
BIC assists the growth of new ventures engaging in the development of innovative technologies and pharmaceutical products.

Convenient Location
Located within the Nankang Software Park, BIC is just 1.5 km from the Academia Sinica campus. A flexible space of 88,000 square feet is available for portfolio companies to set up laboratories and offices.

Excellent Development Environment
Academia Sinica conducts lecture series and collaborates with research institutes locally as well as internationally. Portfolio companies are welcomed to participate in these activities. With the backing of Academia Sinica's substantial knowledge base, portfolio companies have easy access to renowned scientists with whom they can exchange ideas and/ or establish research collaborations.

Creative Science and Technology
Academia Sinica has many discoveries and technologies awaiting development and commercialization. Portfolio companies at BIC have first-hand access to these technologies and priority in gaining collaboration and licensing opportunities.

Comprehensive Support
BIC offers access to a wide range of research resources available at Academia Sinica. BIC is supported by an extensive group of scientists with a broad spectrum of expertise available for collaboration and/or consultation. Selected research instruments are accessible on the premises and available to portfolio companies to use at will. BIC also provides general administrative support, including facility maintenance, library services and professional consultation. Managers are on-site to provide strategic and/or operational consultation.

The mission of the Biotechnology IncubationCenter (BIC) is to cultivate the commercialization of research discoveries and technologies from Academia Sinica. We actively encourage domestic and international companies alike to license Academia Sinica technologies, and join the BIC to develop new drugs and new tools. By providing technical counsel, business development support, as well as other managerial supports, we look forward to accelerating the growth of the BIC portfolio companies, to become future stars of the biotech industry. We aim to create new job opportunities, accelerate the progress of bio-pharmaceutical industry and contribute to the improvement of the economy in Taiwan.


Acting Division Director:
Dr. Chia-Ning Shen