• Congratulations to Director Shang Cheng Hung for receiving the 27th Wang Ming Ning Award

    Wang Ming-Ning Memorial Foundation has granted the 27th Wang Ming-Ning Award to Director Shang-Cheng Hung of Genomics Research Center of Academia Sinica. This award is issued once per year to recognize a scientist with academic achievements that contributes to medical technology development as well as National health. Read More
  • A glycan that completes the journey of B cell

    By altering the intracellular protein modification with sugar, Dr. Kuo-I Lin’s lab made B cells in mice turn lethargic when they reach mature age and mount the antibody responses. Lin’s group has a longtime interest in pursuing the ultimate question, “what makes a B Cell THE B cell?”. They are surely one step closer to answer this question by putting the puzzle together in the latest Nature Communications article... Read More
  • Distinguished Visiting Chair Dr. Ding-Shinn Chen receives the 2018 Baruch S. Blumberg Prize of Hepatitis B Foundation

    In the last 40 years, Dr. Chen and his colleagues have solved many problems of liver disease in Taiwan. In the letter has mentioned, his research works as prevention and treatment in Hepatitis B and its association with liver cancer have made notable contributions in the field... Read More
  • DcR3 is the Main Cause of Endometriosis

    Dr. Shi-Liang Hsieh’s team has done years of searching in order to find answers to inflammations. Lately his team has unveiled a new role of the DcR3 protein molecule and published their finding in the Journal of Pathology. Menstrual cramps is not an unfamiliar matter for half of the world population. Most women, if not have experienced it, would have known it from her female friends. Read More

    Missed the GRC Open House Lecture Series?! Now it is available on GRC Website. Read More
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  • Congratulations to Director Shang-Cheng Hung for receiving the 27th Wang Ming-Ning Award
    Read More
  • Congratulations to Dr. Kuo-I Lin for receiving the MOST 2016 Outstanding Research Award
    Read More
  • Congratulation to Dr. Yung-Chieh Chan for receiving the 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow Academix Publication Award of MOST
    Read More
  • Distinguished Visiting Chair Dr. Ding-Shinn Chen, MD, FAASLDAppointed as National Policy Advisor to the President
    Read More

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