• Congratulations to Dr. Kuo-I Lin for winning the 2015 TBF Chairs in Biotechnology

    Dr. Kuo-I Lin, Research Fellows of Genomics Research Center, has been named the 2015 RBDF Chairs. The recipients of four chairs worth a total of NT$100 million to be held in 2015. The chairs have been established by Taiwan Bio-Development Foundation to acknowledge outstanding local scientists... Read More
  • Cholesterol Synthesis Enzyme Proved Suspect in Lung Cancer Metastasis

    Squalene synthase, commonly abbreviated as SQS, is an enzyme that has been shown to elevate cholesterol levels in mice when overly expressed. SQS has been linked with liver since no matter it is the good cholesterol or the bad cholesterol, the make of its origin is in the liver. However, in a collaborated study led by the primary investigator Dr. Michael Hsiao... Read More
  • Catch Me If You Can, I’m the Cancerous Brand

    Prior to Dr. Ying-Chih Chang’s joining Genomics Research Center back in 2004. The idea of applying her training in Engineering to the Biotechnology field focusing on diseases was a brand new challenge to her. Years later, she not only expanded into biological sciences, but also successfully developed a process/tool solution... Read More
  • Full-length TDP-43 Antibody Confirms Human FTLD

    Dr. Yun-Ru (Ruby) Chen has studied protein misfolding and neurodegenerative diseases for years, in her latest research article published in Nature Communications, she has successfully demonstrated... Read More
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Awards & Honors

  • Congratulations to President Chi-Huey Wong & Dr. Wen-Hwa Lee for being elected as the 2014 Fellows of National Academy of Inventors
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  • Congratulations to President Wong for receiving the Wolf Prize in Chemistry - 2014
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  • Congratulations to Dr. Tse Wen Chang for receiving the 2014 TWAS Prize
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  • Congratulations to Dr. Yun-Ru Ruby Chen for receiving the Wu Chieh Shiung Education Foundation 2014 Promising Women in Science Award
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